Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Hole in One !!

Heck.. Where does the time go, it seems like an age since I last posted..

To be totally honest I've been somewhat overwhelmed and caught a little off guard by the amazing response my blog has been receiving, something that started as a way of filling my time until my residency here is completed has now ballooned into something far beyond my comprehension..
                                                 So thank you !!

Okay I also have to admit a great deal of my time recently has been indulging in a another great passion of mine...Golf , which in turn has led me to thinking about the amount of interest there is in golfing antiques and decoration.

A French Golf Poster circa 1948, Offered by;

A Very Brief History of Golf

Golf has been played for around the past 600 years throughout Europe and maybe longer in Asia. The most famous and renowned golf club in the world is undoubtedly St Andrews in Scotland, and worldwide is known as the home of golf. The old course there has been played upon since the 15th century and still is today.
Wooden balls were used at first until around the early 1800's when a leather ball was made stuffed with feathers and painted, this ball changed the whole feature of the game. Today one of these balls known as a “Feathery” can sell for anything up to $40,000.

An Early 18th century "Feathery" Golf Ball. (Pic courtesy of Martonmere)

The game of golf gradually grew in popularity and by the 19th century was a common sport among the upper classes.
A Pair of Iron "Tee Box" Markers from Scotland circa 1940, Offered by;

A large industry has been built today in rare and collectable golfing artefacts, here's some of the more unusual pieces that have come onto the market in recent weeks.
A Pair of Very Unusual Director style chairs constructed with Golf  Clubs USA circa 1940, Offered by;

A 1930's Golf motif Cocktail Stand; Offered by,
A Vintage monogrammed Louis Vuitton Golf Bag, France circa 1970's, Offered by;

A Rare Silverplate Art Deco Golf themed Cocktail Shaker, Offered By;