Tuesday, August 2, 2011

By the Sea

Having spent the majority of my life living near the coast and at times pretty much on the beach, one of the things I now dearly miss are those tranquil walks along the sand gathering my thoughts, breathing in the smell and tasting that salty sea air.
 I even had the pleasure to live in a 19th century yachtsmen's cottage for a short time..

These delightful items so typify for me some of those chilled out beach days.. 

Good Times !!
An English Seaside would just look empty without them.. "The Southsea Deckchair" is just one style of a large range hand made in England by;
I Absolutely adore the look and warmth of this Old Farmhouse Table, its relaxed washed out colour just makes it the perfect place to have that first cup of coffee and check the forecast for another day of beachcombing.
Offered By; www.bardinpalomo.com  
I Think these are great, luxury recycling at its best..These cushions are just one item in a range of goods made from recycled yacht sails, I'm not sure of the delivery details to North America but I'm sure they'd be delighted to help you.
See More at www.buoysandgirls.com 
A Pair of vintage Ships Pulleys, a perfect decoration for the beach house.
Offered By www.uniquities.ca
A Roped Coffee Table by Tommaso Barbi (Italy 1970's)
Offered By www.darrelldeanantiques.com
A Wonderful Old Captains Sea Chest (USA 1900's)
Offered By; www.redticking.com

An Antique Rowing boat (USA1950's)
Offered By wwwnovecento.1stdibs.com

And finally I couldn't finish this posting without the obvious;

The "Union Jack" Pond Yacht
Offered By www.buythesea-bymail.co.uk