Thursday, April 9, 2015

Show time !!

So today I began the preparation for my forth coming antiques show. Although I've exhibited at most of the biggest antique shows and markets across Europe this will be the first time in Canada.
 It was a last minute decision to exhibit as its just a week away and I normally allow myself a little more time to carefully select pieces, so now I'm busy deciding what inventory to take.
 When I make this decision I try and base it on a number of factors.
 Firstly and most obviously the inventory I currently have available to me, which I'm pleased to say is quite substantial at present !!
 Another is the time of year and what is in vogue right now, also what I think people will be looking to furnish with over the next 12 months.
 I always try to be original and enjoy showing a little of the unexpected, mixing pieces from different eras and themes to create interest, ideas and inspiration. 
  We have only taken a small booth this time so I need to maximise every little bit of space without making the it look cluttered and unapproachable.
 My first job today will be to replicate the empty booth in my work space and start designing it and I'm excited to get going..
 So what are your current favorite ways to display antiques and use decorating styles , I would be really interested to know ?

My replica booth, a blank canvas..  Let the designing fun commence !!
Come see us and many others !!