Sunday, March 29, 2015

Its all in the detail..

A little while ago a client called me over to his home to take a look at chair he'd picked up during his travels in Europe. It was a great looking piece but was very unstable and had been heavily coated in a toffee like lacquer that covered the beautiful aged colours of the wood (patina). 

The seat was torn and the original horsehair stuffing needed replacing.

We removed the heavy toffee like coating by dissolving the finish rather than stripping or sanding as not to damage the surface of the wood that has taken year to develop its rich patina.   

Once the finish was all removed we were able to repolish with several coats of a good quality clear shellac finish we blend ourselves, once dry we then began work on the upholstery.

After we had packed the new horsehair cushion we were then able to add the final upholstery fabric the client had selected. 

The final process was to buff the chair frame with a fine clear wax to give the shellac added protection and remove any lint or horsehair fragments from the upholstery.

This is just one of the many restoration projects we carry out for our clients on a regular basis. Please email us if you have a piece of furniture you would like restored and would like a quote.                                                                                                              

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

With my passion of practically anything old, slightly decorative or incredibly unusual,  large or small, heavy or not, I thoroughly enjoy re-purposing, finding something interesting from the past and then envisioning what practical use it could possibly have in this day and age.
I also take great pleasure in seeing the same thing happening to buildings. Maybe an old dilapidated farm building being painstakingly converted into a livable space, or even an empty theater being transformed into a place of worship. 
All this brings me nicely onto the subject of my latest ramblings. My workspace...

So I have been very fortunate to find myself the coolest of places to carry out my business. I work from the upper level of a once movie theater that's now a church, the level I work from  was originally the area that held 12 projectors each with their own adjacent  projection windows.. My main showroom area was once the movie splicing room. 
I'm delighted with the space I have and I feel I'm gradually putting my own mark on it and making it a comfortable easy place to be.  
 As I sell mainly online or over the phone I only have clients by appointment. Although I have to confess to the amount of amusement it gives me, meeting my clients outside in the parking lot a short distance from my workspace, then guiding them through a maize of corridors and down flights of stairs.  The confused but relieved look on their faces when they finally find themselves slightly out of breath but deep amongst my eclectic array of stock.  

 Oh and if your near enough, and enjoy a short brisk walk to our space and are interested in viewing any pieces you see here, please email us .

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Looking Forward...

 The past 4 years has been an endless episode of planning and replanning for my business arrival into in Canada that is now slowly starting to all come together.
  It's a little nerve wrecking because I absolutely need to succeed... I have to succeed... Obviously there is a huge financial aspect to all this, but putting that aside this trade has been my passion and livelihood for the last 25+ years.
During the time I've been patiently (and sometimes not so patiently) waiting for the authorities to give me the green light to go I've been selectively collecting and gathering things I like, and more often than not love.. Each day I've polished, cleaned and sometimes just left well alone, occasionally I've even lived with a piece for a while...
 As an antiques dealer I feel it's a privilege that my chosen path gives me the ability to move on historical, vintage and just downright fabulous items from one person to another. I'm just the lucky guy standing in the middle happily having the opportunity to see, touch and sometimes preserve the items before they find their new owners.
So there it is in a nutshell, I'm having a lifetime love affair with everything antique, vintage or just plain stylish and I don't ever wanna break up !! 

A 1930's Chinoiserie style wall mirror. $325
A 1960's polished steel 4 drawer filing cabinet $695