Tuesday, March 24, 2015

With my passion of practically anything old, slightly decorative or incredibly unusual,  large or small, heavy or not, I thoroughly enjoy re-purposing, finding something interesting from the past and then envisioning what practical use it could possibly have in this day and age.
I also take great pleasure in seeing the same thing happening to buildings. Maybe an old dilapidated farm building being painstakingly converted into a livable space, or even an empty theater being transformed into a place of worship. 
All this brings me nicely onto the subject of my latest ramblings. My workspace...

So I have been very fortunate to find myself the coolest of places to carry out my business. I work from the upper level of a once movie theater that's now a church, the level I work from  was originally the area that held 12 projectors each with their own adjacent  projection windows.. My main showroom area was once the movie splicing room. 
I'm delighted with the space I have and I feel I'm gradually putting my own mark on it and making it a comfortable easy place to be.  
 As I sell mainly online or over the phone I only have clients by appointment. Although I have to confess to the amount of amusement it gives me, meeting my clients outside in the parking lot a short distance from my workspace, then guiding them through a maize of corridors and down flights of stairs.  The confused but relieved look on their faces when they finally find themselves slightly out of breath but deep amongst my eclectic array of stock.  

 Oh and if your near enough, and enjoy a short brisk walk to our space and are interested in viewing any pieces you see here, please email us garycsharpe@gmail.com .

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