Monday, November 14, 2011

Screen Time

The first time I ever remember seeing a screen was in the 1970's at the home of my late grandfather.
 As I recall it was a torrid grey affair not at all stylish or glamorous. However the thing that made it fascinating to me was its turreted shape at the top and the way I could shape it into a castle tower, much to the despair of my Grandfathers antique loving wife.
Since then screens have always intrigued me a little, I'm not talking about fire screens, pole screens or window screens (that's a whole bunch of other subjects) but room divider screens.

A Large Chinese 8 Panel Screen, circa 1810. Offered By; 
Colourful Italian Painted Screen by Dedalo Montali (signed) . Offered By;

A Little History

The screen appears to have originated in China and historic evidence show they date back as far as the second century, some of the earliest screens from the eighth century are still in existence today.
The Japanese became the decorators of the time and really went to work on their screens using ornate woods and fine delicate papers for in their construction, these were then highly decorated and painted with famous landscapes and symbols.
Around the beginning of the 15th century screens began to appear in Europe often being brought home by traders returning from far away Asian voyages. Very slowly their popularity grew and by the 19th century the Europeans and North Americans had established their own style of screen, decorated to their own tastes in rich fabrics and tapestry. 

A Chinoiserie Polychrome Decorated Three Panel Folding Screen. Offered By;


Screens are a great way of temporarily dividing a large room or office, adding some colour or layering to a more conservative decorated room or.... Just because..

Botanical Screen USA 1970's. Offered By;
A Modern Glazed Maple & Bronze Four Fold Screen. Offered By;
A  Decorative American Bronze Screen, circa 1920's. Offered By;
 And finally, I couldn't sign off without sharing this beauty.... Have a good one !!
Union Jack 3 Fold Screen. Offered By;