Saturday, February 19, 2011

From work to home

I always enjoy seeing retired industrial items or vintage shop fittings being recycled and used in a home environment. A great deal of these items are very hard wearing and ideal for the rough & tumble of a busy family home, and at the same time add some interest to a home where perhaps precious antiques and fine furniture are either too much for the budget or just not practical with children..
I've gathered together some pictures of a few of my favourite pieces that I have come across recently, such as the fabulous old work table pictured above and available from .
 Large old shop counters are usually packed full of useful drawers, cupboards and cubbyholes on one side then panelled on the other, this makes them ideal as room dividers or free standing kitchen units.

Cote Jardin Antiques
3218 O St. NW
Washington, D.C., 20007
A French 19th Century painted shop counter (More details from )

Old pews or benches from churches and waiting rooms make ideal family seating around a kitchen table or in a hallway and and old sets of filing drawers make for useful storage in an older style kitchen, a home office, or study. The wooden sets look great after a bit of a clean and wax polish or if you have some time and feeling a little more adventurous the metal sets look awesome stripped of their paint and metal polished. There is however companies that will either sell you a set already polished or will do the hard work for you.

A set of metal filing drawers stripped of their paint and polished.

A 1920's Oak office filing cabinet
A Pair of church pews dating from around 1880

When it comes to accessories the world really is your oyster, just let your tast and imagination run wild, anything from old advertising displays to the quirkier things such as a hat blocks from an old milliners shop to a giant chocolate bar display from a candy store. I've posted a few ideas here but I'm sure you can do a whole lot better.
A 1920's Double sided Railroad clock available from Obsolete at  

An Original 1940's Metal Boot Polish advertisement

A pair of woven steel Industrial stools  

A cast Iron & Steel revolving industrial clothes rack available from  

An Ornate wrought iron mirror made from a 19th century French  factory window
You may have noticed my failure to mention the vast array of interesting lighting out there, I feel that warrants a whole piece to itself so watch this space !!

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