Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Club Chair

The Club Chair first originated around the 1850's and was produced for the many exclusive gentlemen's clubs that were beginning to open throughout Europe. These chairs were designed with a slightly lower back and wide seat to accommodate the wealthier gentleman (which also in those days usually meant slightly larger). The lower wider arms enabled the men to sit relaxed while they sipped on their drink and smoked cigars.
An English Leather Club Chair circa 1900, Available from;

These chairs were upholstered in usually a black, brown or green leather and were at that time the epitome of masculine style, this to some extent remains the same today. 
A pair of Italian Leather Club Chairs circa 1930, Available from ;
 During the early 20th century the club chair became a more common piece of furniture and began to be used in restaurants and in the home study or library as at that time these 2 rooms in the home were traditionally used by the man of the house or the breadwinner.
A Fine pair of Luxurious French Club Chairs circa 1940, Available from;

As the 1930's and the Art Deco period took hold and the formal look of the masculine club chair began to ease a little, some of the chairs began to become a little softer in their appearance with the use of lighter wood and more colourful or feminine fabrics.
One 0f a Very fine Pair of  Burl Ash French Club Chairs circa 1930, Available from;  

A Pair of French Art Deco Club Chairs circa 1930 with Ebony trim and Floral pattern fabric, Available from;
Today the Club chair is still a favourite in both high end and casual restaurants, as well as in the home setting. A great accent piece for any room and the simple form and comfort of this chair makes it versatile and easy to place in numerous styles of decoration both masculine and feminine.
A Pair of 1950's French Club Chairs, upholstered in Italian Silver Leather by Jacques Adnet, Available from;

Pair of Large Sculptural Italian Club Chairs circa 1950, Available from;
I really just couldn't resist adding this picture...The Abington Velvet Union Jack Chair  circa 2011, Available from;


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