Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Fine House of Asprey

Asprey is a fine British brand that has a traceable history as far back as 1781, and was originally established by William Asprey as a silk printing company based in Mitcham Surrey. In a very short time it had become an upmarket luxury store. In 1847 the business moved into the city of London and took a shop at 167 New Bond Street, the same shop Asprey's still trade from today.
The position of the store deep in the heart of a very wealthy area of London combined with the superb quality of the items they sold proved fruitful and the business thrived.

The Asprey store at 167 New Bond Street. (pic attributed to Daisybush )
One of their early specialised items was travel cases made from the best quality leather hides and lined with silks, it was the quality and design along with the attention to detail that won the store a gold medal in the International Exhibition in 1862.
A fitted vanity case in crocodile leather by Asprey, available from,fineandvintage.co.uk

That same year the company received its first Royal Warrant from queen Victoria, the Prince of Wales awarded them their second shortly after. As Asprey grew they began to employ goldsmiths, silversmiths, jewellers and watchmakers. For a short time they became renowned for producing ornate crowns and sceptres for royal families throughout the world.
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A travelling drinks set in crocodile leather case by Asprey, available from, www.pullmangallery.com 
In the 1920's the finest master craftsman began to be employed to keep up with  demand to produce pieces specifically commissioned by their ever growing worldwide group of royal & wealthy customers.

Today Asprey's list of luxury items ranges from fine jewellery & diamonds, to trophies and top quality timepieces, from the finest silverware to lavish luggage and rare first edition books and of course equipment for the sport of kings, Polo ... 
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