Thursday, March 3, 2011

Friday Finds

Another week is coming to an end...In the past 7 days or so I've discovered a couple of very talented people I would like to mention, also few things that have caught my eye in the very creative world I'm lucky enough to live in. 
 Firstly this fabulous fibreglass "Boomerang" desk, its French and dates from the 1970's. It was designed and made by M.Calka, the edition is Leleu Deshay, and this is available from .

The talented people I mentioned are those whose work on and offline has impressed me greatly. Im trying really hard not to be biased towards us Brits but these 2 just happen to be English.
The first is a young creative designer by the name of Rachel Taylor, specialising in surface pattern design she has created some wonderful designs for lampshades, ceramics, textiles and much more. Her work can be found at retailers worldwide and online at
 The second is a young award winning photographer by the name of Jay McLaughlin, his work is not the usual same old kind of fashion pictures but photographs taken from angles and directions most photographers wouldn't think about. His online blog in pictures from the recent London Fashion Week really was superb. Like Rachel his work and blog can also be found worldwide and also on his website at .
Another great find this week was this great 19th century toleware top hat, originally an advertising item from a Victorian Milliners shop in London this has found its way to the US and is available from,

 The luxury brand Hermes have produced another of their very limited edition "Birkin" bags this year. This one is in a glorious pink matte crocodile leather finished with gold hardware. Now even to be on the waiting list for one of these bags would be hard, but I've found the genuine article available at Penny Long Couture in Beverly Hills, you can view the details at
 When it comes to interior design, how about incorporating this magnificent pair of monumental figural stained glass panels, dating from the end of the 19th century each depics romantic muses of music and literature. These are large panels each measuring 7" high and are made up of 20 hand cut faceted jewels all finely hand painted and fired inserts. These have some provenance coming from the ballroom of a house in Ontario, Canada built in 1895. These awesome windows are available from,
   Here's just a few other pieces that have worked for me this week... Have a great weekend !!
A Rare 19th century English Victorian bamboo etargere available from,

A set of  "Londoner" Travel cases by Asprey, available from,
A 1940's yellow gold gent watch by Patek Phillippe available from ,
A fine pair of 1930's Art Deco Lambskin Leather Club Chairs, available from,

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