Monday, March 7, 2011

Recycled Lighting

Although its always a little sad to see old factories, institutions and even retailers being either closed down, refurbished or even demolished, the salvaged lighting from these places is always interesting to find.
The wide range of lighting to be found is so varied and most of it can be reused. Once cleaned,restored and rewired you will find it looks great and can always be found a place for use somewhere in the home.
A pair of French Pierced Metal Industrial Lights Circa1950 available from, 
  Vintage lighting especially industrial and medical is nearly always produced in painted metal, and if desired can be stripped of its paint and polished. Vintage medical lighting such large floor lamps and desk lighting always looks superb this way in my opinion.
An Early 20th Century Polished Nickel Factory Lamp, Available from,
A Rare Telescopic Swing Arm Dentist Wall Light, Available from,  

A 1930's Polished Chrome & Aluminium Anglepoised Desk Lamp by Herbert Terry
 One of the worlds oldest manufactures of industrial lighting is a company called Holophane. Founded in 1898 and situated in London, England they produced some of the first electrical lighting for industry worldwide, and soon began manufacturing lighting in the US based in Newark Ohio. This company is still trading and producing lighting to this day.
A Vintage Holophane Billiard style fitting, available from, 
 When it comes to hanging reclaimed lighting there's plenty to chose from, again a great deal are painted metal which I think always look good left or possibly repainted. Unlike table and floor lamps polished metal hanging shades can sometimes make a room look a little 70's, the exception of course is if that's the look you've chosen.
A Set of 4 French Black Enamel Industrial Globe Lights Circa 1940, Available From,  
4 American Green Enamel Industrial Pendant Lights, Available from, 
 Sourcing specific lighting like this can sometimes be hard, but with a few hours searching online auctions or a call to your local Antique or Architectural reclamation dealer you should be able to find what your after. But remember when your looking for any particular antique or vintage piece always start your search with a fairly open mind, you rarely find the exact piece you wanted, normally its better....
A Pair of Industrial Bulb Lights Circa 1950, Available

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