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The Very Resilient Lloyd Loom

Lloyd Loom

For the best part of the past 100 years the very English company that is Lloyd Loom has been recognised throughout Europe as a quality and quite unique furniture maker.
Since the 1920's many furniture designers and manufacturers worldwide have have been inspired by Lloyd Loom and succeeded in reproducing their style, but none of them have been able to match the build quality and composition.
A Classic Lloyd Loom Chair circa 1930 with Custom made Cushion.
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A Brightly Painted 1970's Lloyd Loom Lamp Table with Glass Top.
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A Little History

Lloyd Loom was invented about 100 years ago by Marshall Burns Lloyd an American businessman.

He discovered that by using 2 ingenious methods one of twisting kraft paper around wire and the other of twisting the paper so tightly to form a strong fibre then applying onto steamed bent beech wood frames, it gave the furniture a hard wearing durability and longevity that has kept even some of the most earliest pieces of Lloyd Loom furniture around today. This invention was patented and bought in Europe by Englishman William Lusty.
During the Art Deco period of the 1930's this furniture became hugely popular in the UK, and is still widely associated with that period and for me conjures up images of the classic ocean liners of that time, some of these original and timeless styles are still produced today. Large scale production of Lloyd Loom ceased during WW2 after its large factory in London was bombed and destroyed.

Manufacturing of Lloyd Loom virtually stopped after this time until 1985 when David Breese a Lincolnshire furniture maker who had specialised in reconditioning pre war Lloyd Loom furniture began to experience difficulty in sourcing the popular classic designs.
He open a new factory in Spalding, Lincolnshire England, commissioned new looms based on the original models, mastered the art of steam-bent timber and was soon recreating the original designs once again.
A circa 1920's Lloyd Loom Sofa
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Lloyd Loom Today

Today Lloyd Loom of Spalding have been manufacturing for around 25 years, still using the original methods invented by Marshall Burns Lloyd, obviously over the years they have added a great deal of contemporary designs but have kept all the classics in production. 
 Here's a very small selection of the range they offer at

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