Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Antiques Are Not Just Brown Furniture !!

A Gorgeous French Gold Leaf Sunburst Frame circa 1780. Offered By;

Generally when you talk to people about Antiques, the picture that comes to mind is that of a big old chest of drawers, grandfather clock or even grandma's prized china cabinet.. Although all great pieces thankfully antique furniture is so much more than just that.
Naturally there is a great deal of what the trade like to refer as “Brown furniture” around, but with some searching and a little open mindedness it is reasonably easy to find colourful interesting pieces within a sensible budget.
An 18th Century Commode decoratively painted in the early 20th century. Offered by;

Over the last 100 years and certainly within the past few decades people have really taken enhancing antique and older furniture to heart using various finishes including paint effects and bright upholstery. Done well, some of this work is superb and really works.

An 18th century Canadian Pine Settle/Bench painted in an old blue paint. Offered By;
A Regency Lyre Tall Case "Block & Shell" Clock. Offered By;

A Vintage Driftwood side table, Offered By: 

Obviously to the purist and antique collector enhancing or adjusting antiques to suit a room is seen as sacrilege, some even have a problem with even any amount of restoration no matter how sympathetic. Personally I think it has its place, I enjoy seeing old & new together, an antique chair or sofa well upholstered in a bright modern fabric or a refinished painted dresser that was previously unusable. However I do  feel the finer antiques should be left alone, their our history and need to be shared and enjoyed by future generations. 

A Superb quality William & Mary Marquetry Chest circa 1680. Offered By;

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